India Reopening To International Tourists Starting This Month

India is opening its doors to international tourists starting this month, with the government announcing that it will waive visa fees for visitors from countries like China and Russia.

The india tourist visa covid is a new policy that will allow international tourists to visit India starting this month.

After an 18-month hiatus caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, India’s government stated today that its Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will resume issuing tourist visas to international tourists.

According to a press statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs, starting October 15, the government would begin granting new tourist visas to foreigners coming in India on chartered aircraft exclusively. International passengers who want to go to India on commercial aircraft will have to wait until November 15, according to the announcement.


“Since the COVID pressure has subsided, the administration has chosen to further liberalize the economy. However, we are doing things one step at a time to avoid a sudden rush of visitors. As a result, chartered flights are initially permitted. Tourists may book a chartered aircraft to visit India on their own or via a travel agency. According to The Indian Express, “regular tourist activities will resume only on November 15.”

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Reopening from COVID-19

Several state governments and tourism industry stakeholders have petitioned the MHA to reinstate tourist visas. Before making a decision, the ministry said it consulted with all key stakeholders, including the ministries of health and family welfare, external affairs, civil aviation, tourism, and different state governments where foreign visitors are anticipated to come.

Following India’s tentative reopening to some kinds of international visitors in recent months, which allowed foreigners to enter the country on various types of visas, such as diplomatic, business, or student visas, this next move was taken. In an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19, India has already halted the issue of visas for international visitors until March 2020.

Nonetheless, when the extremely infectious Delta form appeared in India early this year, it became the worldwide hub of the epidemic. Thousands of Indians were murdered every day at the height of the Delta variant’s outbreak in April and May.

Although the Delta variety spread to other areas of the world, triggering new outbreaks abroad, the situation has now altered. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States has reduced India’s travel warning to ‘Level 2: Moderate Risk,’ which means visitors should be fully vaccinated before going and avoid unnecessary travel there if they aren’t.

According to CNN Travel, India received 10.6 million international tourists in pre-pandemic 2019 and earned $28.6 billion in foreign currency from tourism in 2018. So yet, just 18.6% of the country’s approximately 1.4 billion people have been properly vaccinated against COVID-19.

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