Jimmy Buffett Launches Cruise Line, Rebrands Ship

Jimmy Buffett has announced plans to launch a new cruise line, with the first ship sailing in October. With his Caribbean-themed music and laid-back lifestyle, Jimmy was an obvious choice for this type of travel.

Jimmy Buffett has launched a new cruise line and rebranded the ship. The ship is now called “The Sea Monster” instead of “The Ship”.

Jimmy Buffett Launches Cruise Line, Rebrands Ship

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville company has significant news today: the singer, songwriter, and businessman’s brand is rebranding and launching a cruise ship that Palm Beach locals should already be acquainted with.

On April 30, the Port of Palm Beach’s lone cruise ship will debut as the world’s first Margaritaville-branded cruise ship.

What cruise ship is this, you may wonder? It’s the Grand Classica of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, which is noted for its quick trips between Palm Beach and Freeport, Bahamas.

Margaritaville Paradise will be the ship’s new name, and Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line will become Margaritaville at Sea.

margaritaville paradise cruise ship

(Margaritaville at Sea provided the rendering.)

The cooperation between Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and Margaritaville Enterprises LLC was unveiled at the port on Wednesday.

Over 25 hotels and resorts, two casino locations, RV resorts, over 60 food and beverage establishments, real estate developments, vacation clubs, and consumer items make up the Margaritaville lifestyle brand.

According to Bahamas Paradise CEO Oneil Khosa, the ship will continue to operate its two-night cruises between Palm Beach and Freeport after being renamed, with the purpose of transferring the laid-back tropical lifestyle and state of mind portrayed in Buffett’s lyrics to the 1,680-passenger ship.

“We don’t view this as simply a rebranding of a name, but a rebranding of the idea, essentially redefining cruising with whatever Margaritaville has to offer,” said Khosa, who will lead Margaritaville at Sea as CEO.

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“Margaritaville at Sea will be a fresh, exciting, and enjoyable option for passengers to escape and vacation in Margaritaville,” stated John Cohlan, CEO of Margaritaville. Margaritaville has an inherent connection to the water, from seas to lakes, and with Margaritaville at Sea, we’re able to bring our famous lifestyle, resort experiences, and higher service to the sea.”

margaritaville paradise stateroom rendering

(Margaritaville at Sea provided the rendering.)

Everything on board the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is being redesigned, renamed, and reworked for tens of millions of dollars, from surface-level furniture to electronics and rebranded venues.

The Rock bar will become the 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar, and the ship’s bars will be renamed as Margaritaville bars. Yellow Elder, the main dining area, will be renamed Fins, while Admiral’s Steakhouse will be renamed JWB Prime Steak & Seafood. LandShark Sports Bar will replace the sports bar, and Fins Up! Fitness Facility and St. Somewhere Spa will replace the fitness center and spa.

5 o clock somewhere bar margaritaville at sea

(Margaritaville at Sea provided the rendering.)

The cruise company has also said that it intends to provide guests with a “beach experience” in the Bahamas, including an exclusive Margaritaville Beach Club.

The ship resumed its usual schedule of roundtrip voyages to Freeport in July, after the cruise industry suspension. It went into dry dock last week for the Margaritaville makeover.

During the cruise industry slowdown, Bahamas Paradise sold its other ship, Grand Celebration.

Visit margaritavilleatsea.com to book a cruise aboard the newly redesigned Margaritaville Paradise.

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Jimmy Buffett is launching a cruise line and rebranding the ship. The new cruise line will be called “Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cruises.” Reference: jimmy buffett concert.

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