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The most popular baby names in Croatia for 2019 have been revealed. With the popularity of these names, it is likely that you will see a lot of them on your travels around the country.

The croatian baby names boy is the most popular name in Croatia for boys.

  • 7th of February, 2020
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7 February 2020, ZAGREB – The top names given to newborn boys and girls in Croatia during the last year have been revealed. 


There are no major surprises among the top 20 most popular names, since most of them have previously been on lists. According to, there is a new addition to the boys’ list from last year, with Lovro coming in at No.20. Jan dropped out of the top 20. 

Mia and Luka were the most common names for babies in Croatia in 2019, with short names remaining popular among females. The Ministry of Administration has produced a list of the 20 most popular names for girls and boys.

In 2019, the top 20 most common girls’ names in Croatia are 

Mia is number one (563) Ema is number two (409) Lucija is number three (375) 5. Nika (374). Sara (374). (344) Marta is number six (337) Petra (322); Ana (322); Petra (322); Petra (322); Petra (322 (321) Rita (nine) (318) Iva is number ten (292) Elena is number eleven (269) Eva is number twelve (267) Lana is number thirteen (255) Dora is fourteen (249) Mila (244); Lea (244); Mila (244); Mila (244); Mila (244); (243) Laura, number seventeen (227) Marija is 18 years old (220) Klara, age 19 (218) Lara is number 20. (213)

In 2019, the top 20 boys’ names in Croatia are 

Luka is number one (894) David is number two (568) Jakov, number three (500) Ivan is number four (482) Petar is number five (431) Matej is number six (360) Karlo is number seven (359) Mateo is number eight (355) Roko (nine) (352) Borna is ten (347) Marko (#11) (344) Leon is number twelve (334) Josip (13). (327) 14. Francine (326) Filip is fifteen (323) Mihael is number sixteen (315) Noa is seventeen (308) Ivano (age 18) (277) Niko (19.) (275) Lovro is number 20. (268)





The Croatian baby names 2021 is a list of the most popular baby names in Croatia from 2019. Reference: croatian baby names 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common Croatian names?

The most common Croatian names are Robert, Maria, and Ivan.

What are the most disliked baby names?

The most disliked names in the United States are Madison, Jayden, and Jaylen.

What is the most rare baby name?

The most rare baby name is not a name, but rather the number 0.

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