Unvaccinated Carnival Mardi Gras Guests Must Remain On Board in San Juan

The Carnival Corporation has banned unvaccinated passengers from boarding ships in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is the first time this measure has been taken by a cruise line and it comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an alert about measles outbreaks on the island.

The carnival cruise line news is that the unvaccinated Carnival Mardi Gras guests must remain on board in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The regulations for cruise locations seem to change on a daily basis in an ever-changing globe. The latest measures come from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Carnival’s newest mega-ship, Mardi Gras, is making its maiden stop.

Guests who have not been vaccinated must remain aboard the ship during the call to Puerto Rico, since they will not be permitted to leave. The inaugural trip of the Mardi Gras will depart from Port Canaveral’s Terminal 3 on July 31 and arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 3.

Guests who have not been immunized must remain on board.

Although Carnival has designated the trips aboard the Mardi Gras as being accessible exclusively to vaccinated passengers, individuals who have not been vaccinated may still be allowed to sail. This is done via the vaccination exemption program, which is only accessible to around 5% of the passengers aboard.

Normally, this would be for visitors under the age of 16 who have not yet been vaccinated or for guests who have asked for a health or religious exemption. Based on the fact that Carnival has sailed with about 70% of its capacity on board thus far, a port agreement between Carnival and San Juan, Puerto Rico, may impact around 250 passengers for the Mardi Gras sailing on July 31.

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Guests who have not been completely vaccinated must remain on board the ship, and they are not permitted to engage in any tours or excursions in Puerto Rico, according to the port agreement.

While most passengers will be unaffected by the change, families with children will be, since unvaccinated youngsters will not be permitted to leave the ship. Guests who have been authorized for or requested for a vaccination exemption received the following letter from Carnival:

“According to our records, you’ve either been granted a vaccination exemption or filed a request that is awaiting confirmation. Our destination criteria are always changing. We wanted to let you know that unvaccinated passengers would be required to stay on board during our trips to San Juan, according per our port agreement.“

“Consequently, if you will be sailing within the next two weeks, any pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions for San Juan will be automatically canceled, and a refund will be posted to your onboard Sail & Sign account. Otherwise. a refund will be processed to the original form of payment. If you are still awaiting your exemption, please understand that this email is not a confirmation of that request and is for general information only. We apologize for any disappointment and trust you will enjoy the schedule of onboard activities we have planned for the day.“

Carnival Mardi Gras During Sea Trials

Those flying to Puerto Rico are not needed to be completely vaccinated and may enter the island with a PCR test performed no more than 72 hours after arriving. It’s unclear why the port authorities chose to apply different restrictions to cruise ship travel.

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Are There Any More Surprises in Store?

While the news regarding San Juan may be disappointing for anyone who had booked the trip to visit the ancient city, there will be no more surprises on Mardi Gras’ maiden journey out. Other ports of call are Amber Cove on August 4 and Half Moon Cay on August 6, both of which have previously been visited by Carnival ships this month on prior itineraries.

As tourist destinations reassess their entrance restrictions, the problem is likely to resurface. More and more nations, including the European Union, a popular cruise destination, are considering mandating immunizations for entrance.

Even if passengers must remain aboard Mardi Gras for the whole day, there is much to do onboard Carnival’s newest and most awaited ship.

Mardi Gras Cruise Ship

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