When Will The Pandemic Travel Clown Car Clear Out? New U.S. Entry Rules Make No Sense

New U.S. entry rules make no sense to the traveling public, and Border Patrol agents are struggling to keep up with all of the travelers who don’t know they were banned from entering — or that they’re still free to enter if they can get a waiver

The “travel to usa unvaccinated” is a new U.S. Entry Rules that makes no sense. The rules will be in place for the next 90 days and the travel industry has been struggling with how to handle it.



When Will The Pandemic Travel Clown Car Be Removed From The Road? The New Entry Rules in the United States Make No Sense

on October 20, 2021 by Gary Leff

New US travel restrictions take effect on November 8th, and if the President of France were to be bound by them, he would be unable to enter the nation — despite being fully vaccinated in accordance with European standards. That’s because the United States’ pandemic strategy is still not based on research.

Despite some of the most devastating impacts of Covid in those countries, the United States has permitted unvaccinated Peruvians and Russians to enter the country throughout the epidemic. Vaccinated Europeans who tested negative for the virus were also kept out for most of this year.

With new travel regulations requiring all non-residents to be vaccinated, vaccinated Russians will be sent away since the Sputnik vaccine isn’t recognized, but Sinovac and Sinopharm are. Even though the World Health Organization claims there is no proof that the Sinovac vaccination decreases infection or transmission, Chinese vaccines that are underperforming are ok without boosters.

Vaccination restrictions for entrance will take effect on November 8, replacing outright prohibitions on travelers who have visited a few of countries in the last 14 days (a list that does not prioritize countries with the highest risk of Covid or new strains).

The United States accepts vaccinations that have been approved by the World Health Organization, but it does not follow what is known as “full immunization” in Europe.

  • Even though Anthony Fauci admits that the vaccine should have been a two-dose regimen from the start, one Johnson & Johnson injection is considered “complete immunization.”
  • Other vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, are allowed in two and only two doses — despite the fact that a single dosage of Moderna seems to have higher effectiveness than a single dose of J&J – and even two doses of Sinovac.
  • Previous illness isn’t taken into account, despite the fact that proof of recent recovery from a prior infection exempts a traveler from the Covid-19 testing requirement for entry into the United States.

While there is some debate about how previous infection relates to vaccination protection, it is certain that prior infection with one dose of an mRNA vaccine is the gold standard of protection, outperforming, for example, two doses of Pfizer.

  • The US will accept someone who has had a previous illness and has had one dosage of J&J. (because one dose of J&J is accepted)
  • The United States will not accept someone who has had a previous infection and has only had one dosage of Moderna.

Because it was not the original authorized dosage schedule, someone with a previous illness and an mRNA vaccine shot is not considered ‘completely vaccinated’ for admission into the United States. And this is an issue since in Europe, it is deemed completely vaccinated.

This difference may stymie travel plans throughout Europe, since some nations consider individuals who have recovered and had one injection to be completely vaccinated, at least for the time being. That requirement is also one of the possibilities for the EU’s widely recognized vaccination passport, the digital Covid certificate.

In France and Norway, a single injection of a two-dose vaccine is considered complete immunization (indeed, that is French President Emmanuel Macron’s status). Greece, Austria, and Italy all have comparable recognition. Citizens who have followed official advice in those nations, however, will not be allowed to go to the United States, despite having better protection than the majority of people who may enter the country and having to show a negative Covid-19 test.

The need for vaccination does not prevent the United States against variations; the virus mutates in comparable ways, and our large prevalence implies we will see changes. Closed borders haven’t prevented variations from spreading. However, even if policymakers don’t alter the path of the epidemic, these criteria demonstrate that they are “doing something” and “tough on the virus.”

However, the regulations in place make it difficult to ‘follow the science,’ even government-recognized research, and no one has tried to explain why they’re following World Health Organization bureaucrats rather than European scientists.

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