2021 Holiday Trends Show More Americans Set To Travel This Year

A year of travel for the United States is projected to bring in approximately $875 billion dollars. The number has grown by nearly 8% from last year, with Americans spending more on vacations and winter sports as well as other activities.

The “holiday trends 2021” is a trend that shows more Americans are set to travel this year. The holiday of 2021 will be the first one since the Great Recession, where people have been able to afford traveling again.

Consumers’ appetite for travel remains robust, according to the latest Amex Trendex research, particularly given the trend toward remote work, which gives them more freedom in terms of arranging their trip days. With all signs pointing to more people traveling this Christmas season than in 2020, American Express wanted to learn more about passengers’ motivations, ambitions, goals, and plans for the last few months of 2021.

Consumers, eager to recover some sort of routine, seem to be fully embracing the Christmas spirit and resuming activities that were put on hold last year. In fact, over half of poll respondents (48%) stated they had already begun their Christmas shopping. In addition, 38% said they want to spend more on the holidays this year.


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Nearly half of those polled (47%) want to travel for at least one vacation this season. And, thanks to COVID-19, the move toward remote employment is working in people’s benefit. Because 61 percent of employed respondents felt that it allows them the option to avoid the peak travel days, it may even make the Christmas travel time a little less busy. 57 percent of employed participants stated it gives them the freedom to prolong their visits.

Only 17% of respondents expect to enjoy a “hybrid holiday” this year, mixing in-person and virtual gatherings, as was suggested for the 2020 holidays. Seventy-one percent indicated they’ll spend more time with family and loved ones in person over the 2021 end-of-year holidays than they did last year. This year, 44% of respondents want to travel to see family or friends in person.

As new consumer habits emerge as the epidemic enters its second Christmas season, 61 percent of those polled agreed that holiday preparations this year and in the future would be different. The “book now, figure it out later” trend, which was originally detected earlier this year, is still continuing strong, with 63 percent of customers polled prepared to book a vacation now even if they may have to cancel it later.

Amex, Trendex, remote work, consumer, survey, trends, holidays, 2021 Trends in remote work, according to Amex Trendex Holiday Travel 2021. (Photo courtesy of American Express)

Other key results from the Amex Trendex poll include:

—Nearly half of all consumers polled (49%) intend to travel on or before the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (November 23), compared to just 29% who plan to travel on Thanksgiving Day (November 25).

—Forty-two percent of those polled indicated they would forego Thanksgiving in the United States in favor of a foreign trip.

—Seventy-seven percent would rather go on a trip with their significant other than exchange presents, and 68 percent would rather go on a family vacation than exchange gifts with their family.

Holiday, holidays, trends, consumer, survey, results, 2021 Findings from the Amex Trendex Holiday Travel Trends for 2021. (Photo credit: American Express)

—This holiday season, many Americans would want to receive a domestic (65%) or overseas (49%) travel as a present.

—52% said that one of their New Year’s plans for 2022 would be to take more vacation time than they did in 2021.

—Fifty-five percent of respondents said they want to travel one to three times in 2022, while 39 percent said they intend to travel four or more times.

The “u.s. travel trends 2021” is a report that shows that Americans are set to travel more in the next year than they did last year.

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