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Puerto Vallarta is a city where families can find something to do for everyone. Whether you are looking for fun things to do, fine dining, or an exotic getaway, this coastal resort has it all.

The “puerto vallarta zoo” is a family-friendly attraction in Puerto Vallarta. It features over 400 animals, including primates and reptiles.

Puerto Vallarta is recognized for being a gastronomy hotspot and a romantic getaway for couples, but it’s also a fantastic family vacation.

It has a variety of outdoor activities such as whale-watching tours, hiking, and just playing in the sand on one of its beautiful beaches. In between activities, family may experience the city’s cultural side by taking a walking tour of the historic district, visiting local markets to see traditional arts and crafts on exhibit, or listening to one of the city’s outstanding street singers.


This region, situated on Mexico’s eastern coast in the state of Jalisco, has a plethora of family-friendly hotels and resorts, many of which provide kids’ clubs and children’s programs to keep them safe and engaged while their parents go out exploring on their own.

The Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta is one such resort. The resort is set in an 80-acre natural preserve and has private villas, all-inclusive alternatives, a kids’ club, and free resort activities like as hiking, yoga, and snorkeling.

The area around the city is a fantastic spot to visit. Children may go kayaking with their parents in the mystical and lush El Salado estuary, the country’s only urban estuary, or older kids can go hiking or horseback riding to the breathtaking Quimixto waterfall. A family may visit a cloud forest or a renowned pilgrimage site by taking a day excursion to one of the area’s smaller settlements.

Cuale River Island in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta’s Cuale River Island. (Photo courtesy of Puerto Vallarta)

The area’s beaches and water trips, such as excursions to Los Arcos Marine Park and Las Islas Marietas, two lonely and deserted islands famed for their natural beauty, will appeal to animal lovers. Trips to view whales and dolphins are other fantastic possibilities, but if you plan one of the earlier tours, your chances of seeing either creature are very good.

Families looking for some culture and air conditioning may visit the Chocolate Museum or the Navy Museum before travelling to Cuale River Island, a very unique portion of Puerto Vallarta that provides some of the greatest marketplace experiences as well as free programs for the whole family. Older kids could enjoy exploring the Malecon’s various art galleries and learning about Huichol art, which depicts the ancient culture’s cosmology.

Puerto Vallarta A sculpture called La Nostalgia may be seen on the Malecon promenade in Puerto Vallarta. (Photo courtesy of Puerto Vallarta)

Children who are willing to try new regional meals and learn new Spanish terms will have a great time. Many of the recipes are inspired by the region’s relationship to the sea. Pescado Embarazado, or grilled and marinated fish on a stick, is made with shrimp, marline, or school shark and can be purchased at carts all around the city. Birria, another popular dish, is not made with fish. It’s a goat or lamb stew that’s cooked in a sauce of cumin, oregano, and other aromatic spices before being topped with onions and served with tortillas. Children and adults who are less daring may stick to Puerto Vallarta’s exquisite handmade tamales, some of which are packed with pineapple.

Puerto Vallarta might be your next fantastic Mexican holiday location, whether you and your family prefer being active or just sightseeing.

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Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful destination that offers many family-friendly attractions to explore. The “puerto vallarta excursions” is one of the best ways to see this beautiful destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can kids do in Puerto Vallarta?

A: In Puerto Vallarta, kids can find a lot to do. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and the diversity of food options available in town. If you want to try something different then take a trip up into the mountains where there are lots of exciting activities like zip lining and mountain biking that kids will love!

Is Puerto Vallarta safe for families?

A: Yes, it is safe for families. There are many things to do in the city that will keep them entertained for days.

What can toddlers do in Puerto Vallarta?

A: There are many things toddlers can do in Puerto Vallarta. The most popular activity for toddlers is to see the colors that come alive at night when fireflies light up. They will also enjoy seeing butterflies flying around, and maybe even catching one of these beautiful creatures themselves! Toddlers love playing with sandstone blocks downtown, just a short walk from their hotel.

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