Carnival Cruise Line Provides Update on Seven Cruise Directors

Carnival Cruise Line has released an update on the status of seven cruise directors that were suspended during three separate incidents. The company is giving updates based on what it determines how to best move forward with its employees.

The “carnival cruise directors schedule” is a company that provides cruises to the public. They are currently updating their website with information on when they will have new schedules.

Carnival Cruise Line Provides Update on Seven Cruise Directors

Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald presented updates on seven distinct cruise directors spanning five ships in the fleet in a social media update shared on Facebook. As more ships in the Carnival fleet restart or move locations, these updates clarify where popular cruise directors will be allocated in the coming weeks.

Updates from the Carnival Cruise Director

Several cruise directors are transferring assignments around the Carnival fleet as separate ships prepare to begin operations or relocate to new homeports and itineraries. Carnival Cruise Line’s brand ambassador and renowned social media representative, John Heald, wrote on Tuesday, December 7:

“We have such a terrific group of Trip Directors, and I know that with their enthusiasm and enjoyment, they can make a great cruise even better for many of you.” The CDs will be kept aboard the ships with Cruise Directors until after the New Year.”

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In early January, Heald said, a complete list of which cruise directors are assigned to which ships will be accessible. The following cruise directors are presently on assignment or have just been announced:

  • Ryan Rose – Carnival Radiance
  • Eversen “Reverend Dr. E” Bevelle, Carnival Conquest
  • Dustin Gabriel – Carnival Liberty
  • Chris “Donkey” Salazar, Carnival Sunshine (through January 12, 2022)
  • Jake Miller – Carnival Sunshine (from January 13, 2022)
  • Andy Mercer’s Carnival Magic (from December 26, 2021 through January 23, 2022)
  • Simon London’s Carnival Magic (from January 24, 2022)

“We all wish him the very best and thank him for the joy he has brought for so many people,” Heald adds of the current cruise director of Carnival Magic, Gary Blair.

Carnival’s Fleet Management

When ships change homeports or crew members’ individual contracts are amended or extended, cruise directors often change assignments. It’s hardly unexpected that cruise director responsibilities will fluctuate when various Carnival ships resume operations in the coming weeks.

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The Carnival Radiance, for example, is set to relaunch in Long Beach, California, after a $200 million renovation in Cadiz, Spain, that refurbished and rebuilt the ship that was formerly known as the Carnival Victory. From December 13, 2021, the Carnival Radiance will provide 3- and 4-night trips to Baja, Mexico.

Carnival Radiance Cruise ShipCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

Carnival Conquest will resume service from PortMiami on December 13 with 3- and 4-night itineraries to the Bahamas and Mexico.

Carnival Liberty and Carnival Sunshine itineraries were been adjusted to accommodate Carnival Horizon, which is undergoing unexpected repairs due to technical concerns that are affecting the ship’s maximum cruising speed.

Carnival Sunshine just finished her own drydock, during which she underwent routine maintenance and improvements, as well as new hull livery colors. Carnival Liberty is also filling in for Carnival Horizon on a few voyages that she is unable to finish.

Carnival Magic re-entered service from Location Canaveral in August, and will continue to sail Caribbean and Bahamas itineraries from that port until 2022.

The Face of Fun: Cruise Directors

On each Carnival ship, cruise directors are extra-special staff members. Not only do cruise directors oversee the activities on board, but many of them also become the “face of fun” that guests look forward to sailing with.

On board each ship, cruise directors participate in events, engage with passengers, start evening entertainment, make unplanned appearances, and much more. Many repeat travelers learn which cruise directors they like and plan future voyages depending on which cruise directors are on board which ships.

Carnival Cruise Line changes cruise director assignments on a regular basis to promote various ships and let passengers know who they may expect to encounter aboard.

Carnival Cruise Ship Deck

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Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they have brought on seven new cruise directors. They are hoping to make the experience more enjoyable for their guests. Reference: past carnival cruise directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Carnival cancel all cruises for 2021?

A: Unfortunately, Carnival has not released any information about their upcoming trips for 2021 as of yet.

How much does a cruise director make on Carnival?

A: I am not familiar with the particular field of study, but according to, it is around $97k per year.

Who is the best Carnival cruise director?

A: The Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest cruise ship company in the world, with 29 ships currently. They are based out of Miami, Florida and were founded by Ted Arison.

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