Cruising is Still Safe Despite Norwegian Breakaway COVID Cases

Cruise Lines are still cruising despite the recent Norwegian Breakaway incident. The cruise industry is a profitable and ever-growing market, but safety has to be at its forefront. Cruise lines have implemented new security measures for their passengers’ protection as well as changes in how they conduct investigations

The “cruise ship covid outbreak 2021” is a recent case that has been in the news. The cruise line company, Norwegian Cruise Line, has stated that cruising is still safe despite the cases of Norovirus.

Cruising is Still Safe Despite Norwegian Breakaway COVID Cases

Cruise officials have repeatedly said in the previous six months that COVID-19 incidents aboard cruise ships are unavoidable. There are already 17 instances aboard Norwegian Breakaway, out of a total of 3,200 passengers and staff, according to the most recent data. Should you be concerned about boarding a cruise ship?

On the Norwegian Breakaway, 0.54 percent of passengers were infected.

The cruise industry may be made to seem to be a breeding ground for COVID infections thanks to the media. Cruise ships, on the other hand, are now one of the safest holiday alternatives in the world, as anybody with even a smidgeon of knowledge knows. The precautions are remarkable, with mass testing before trips and completely immunized travelers.

Onboard the Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship that discharged guests in New Orleans today, December 6, 17 COVID-19 cases were discovered. The overall number of COVID-19 cases among passengers and staff members has now dropped to 0.54 percent.

Norwegian Breakaway in New OrleansNorwegian Cruise Line provided this image.

By contrast, cruise ships are only obligated to report any gastrointestinal illnesses (such as NoroVirus) aboard to the CDC if the number of passengers and staff exceeds 3% of the total.

Aside from the small number of instances aboard, all Norwegian Breakaway passengers have had complete vaccinations. Before the trip, all passengers are screened, and although some instances will always slip through the cracks, you can be confident that the cruise company will do all possible to keep you safe. When the cruise operator discovered the minor outbreak aboard, it acted quickly to test everyone onboard:

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“All passengers aboard Norwegian Breakaway will be tested before to disembarkation, and the (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) will provide post-exposure and quarantine public health recommendations,” the firm said in a statement. “Any visitors who test positive for COVID-19 will drive to their own house via personal car or self-isolate in company-provided lodgings.”

What does the CDC have to say about it?

So far, the CDC has assigned the NCL cruise ship a code yellow, indicating that the agency is closely monitoring the situation.

CDC Ship StatusColor Status of CDC Ships

When 0.10 percent or more of passengers are proven positive for Covid-19, the CDC mandates ships to report cases aboard; at this time, the vessel’s status is upgraded to yellow. This figure is attained by three people in the instance of Norwegian Breakaway.

Why are the cases of Norwegian Breakaway so widely reported?

The stats raise the issue of why the Norwegian Breakaway seems to be the vessel of choice for the media. And the solution isn’t that difficult to figure out. It’s because it’s one of the few cruise companies that has been transparent about the cases aboard, and the Louisiana governor has made the information public.

According to the CDC, one cruise ship recorded 58 positive cases between July 24 and August 28, another reported 105 confirmed cases on four consecutive journeys between August 19 and September 7, and still another reported 112 cases on four voyages between August 21 and September 7.

CDC SignKatherine Welles of contributed to this image.

The truth is that neither the CDC nor the cruise operators felt compelled to release information regarding which ships were afflicted. The CDC thinks that all cruise ships have functioned securely so far and will continue to do so since no ships have been pulled out of service.

In the United States, there are 23 cruise ships with the same color status as the Norwegian Breakaway. Since cruise ships resumed service in June of this year, no cruise ship has surpassed the threshold for a Code Red.

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Millions of people have had a safe and delightful trip since it began operations this year. There have been 1,350 favorable traveler reports in that period. The cruise line’s health and safety standards are clearly effective. So, despite what certain news sites would have you believe, individuals considering a cruise are about to embark on one of the safest vacation alternatives available.

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