Former Costa Cruise Ship is Beached for Scrapping in Pakistan

The Costa Concordia cruise ship has been carefully towed out of the Tuscan city and into a nearby bay to be scrapped. We take a look at some of the most memorable travel destinations that have lost their structures due to natural disaster, war, or human error.

The “Costa Romantica price” is a former Costa Cruise Ship that has been beached for scrapping in Pakistan. The ship was built in the Netherlands and was originally named the “Costa Europa”.

Former Costa Cruise Ship is Beached for Scrapping in Pakistan

The years 2020 and 2021 have not been kind to cruise ships that are showing their age. This year, several Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean cruise ships have been demolished, and we can add one more to the list.

The Antares Experience, previously the Costa Romantica, Costa neoRomantica, and Celestyal Experience, has been stranded in Pakistan’s Gadani shipbreaking plant, the world’s third-largest.

Celestyal Cruises sells out quickly.

Costa Cruises said early last year that the NeoRomantic Coast will either be sold or scrapped. The yacht was sold to Celestyal Cruises in July 2020, which felt like a fortuitous break for the Costa Cruises fleet’s oldest ship. The modest cruise operator, which is based in Cyprus and generally does tours around the Greek Islands, bought the ship and renamed her Celestyal Experience.

Celestyal had high hopes for the ship, intending to utilize it as the company’s newest flagship. She was never to sail with Celestyal Cruises, though. The ship has been docked in Piraeus, a Greek port city near Athens, since July of last year.

Celestyal would never put the ship back into passenger operation; instead, she was sold to Beacon & Bay Shipping Services. This business bought the ship, renamed it Antares Experience, and changed the flag to Liberia. The business wanted to sell her or operate her as a hotel ship.


Despite all of the meticulous planning, the ship took sail for Pakistan’s Gadani shipbreaking yard in November of this year, where it would be scrapped. On December 3rd, the ship washed up on the shore. With steel prices at all-time highs, scrapping a vessel is now a more cost-effective option than laying it up.

Costa NeoRomantica

The 56,700 gross ton Costa Romantica was built in 1993 and cruised for many years around the globe; her first trip took place in November of that year. In 2012, the 1800-passenger cruise ship had substantial upgrades and reconstruction around €90 million.

Additional staterooms and balconies were added to the upper decks, as well as major interior remodeling. Costa Cruises also took use of this occasion to rename the ship Costa neoRomantica.

Antares ExperiencePhoto credit: STAMATIS

Costa neoRomantica was allocated to sail cruises for the Asian market from Hong Kong and China in 2017 after sailing for several years in Europe and South America. The end of Costa neoRomatica was on the horizon when cruises from China were discontinued in February of last year. When Costa Cruises decided to sell the ship, she was the oldest in the company’s fleet.

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During the epidemic, Carnival Corporation decided to completely upgrade its fleet. To accomplish this, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess, Holland America, P&O, P&O Australia, and Costa offloaded 20 cruise ships across most of their brands. Only cruise companies with relatively contemporary fleets, such as Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard, and AIDA, did not lose any ships.

Former Costa Cruise Ship Beached

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a scrap cruise ship cost?

A: A scrap cruise ship can cost you as little as $500,000 to build and up to a total of approximately $10 million.

What happens to cruise ships when they are scrapped?

A: When a cruise ship is scrapped, most of the metal from the hull and superstructure (the floors and decking) are extracted for recycling. The remaining steel scraps that cannot be reused or recycled have to go somewhere. Thats where scrapyards come in handy – they use large furnaces with hot blowers to melt down all those leftover pieces into components like welding rods, wire, nails, screws and more.

Why was the cruise ship Imagination beached?

A: The Imagination was beached because of the heavy winds that day. It sank due to a combination of factors, including wind and waves

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