Major Milestone for Caribbean Cruise Port as Four Ships Visit in One Day

The port of Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines welcomed four cruise ships in a single day for one of the busiest days ever seen at that country’s maritime terminal. The increasing number of cruise ship arrivals led to increased passenger capacity as well as additional revenue.

The “royal caribbean online check-in” is a major milestone for the Caribbean cruise port as four ships visit in one day. The ship that arrived was the Norwegian Dream, which carries more than 3,000 passengers and 1,100 crew members.

Major Milestone for Caribbean Cruise Port as Four Ships Visit in One Day

Slowly but steadily, St. Kitts is giving a big boost to the local economy. Three ships visited the port in one day a few weeks ago, according to Cruise Hive; today, December 7, that record will be broken by four ships visiting in one day. The day is made even more spectacular by the fact that three of the ships are from Celebrity Cruises and one is from AIDA Cruises of Germany.

Celebrity ships reuniting in St. Kitts demonstrates how the cruise industry is recovering after a difficult year. It’s also excellent news for the people of St. Kitts, who have historically depended on revenue from cruise ships that visit the island.

The Benefits of a Clear Policy in St. Kitts

The Caribbean cruise season is in full swing, and St Kitts is making the most of the opportunity. The island’s authorities did not open the island to tourists until all cruise companies had signed unambiguous agreements.

Passengers are only interacted with by licensed taxi/tour operators, attraction tour guides, harbor authorities, and cruise-related workers. The island can now operate at full capacity in a safe manner.

Three Cruise Ships at St. KittsSt. Kitts Information Service (photo credit)

On December 7, four cruise ships will dock in Port Zante, Basseterre, the island’s major city. This comprises three Celebrity Cruises ships: the Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Constellation, and the new Celebrity Apex, as well as one AIDA vessel, the AIDAluna.

St. Kitts already had a regular stream of cruise ship traffic in November. In November, 28 cruise ship visits were reported, bringing 41,000 people to Basseterre. Although this figure is lower than previous projections of 70,000 visits for last month, it is still noteworthy.

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Port Zanta hopes to welcome 60 cruise ships in December, including Seabourn, Royal Caribbean, AIDA, MSC, Celebrity Cruises, Viking, and others. It won’t be the first time such a large number of ships come on the same day; the port will be completely booked again on December 13 and December 30.

Celebrity Cruises makes a one-day visit to St. Kitts with three ships.

Today, December 7, the docks at Port Zante will be a sight to see, as three Celebrity Cruise ships will land at the port on the same day. The Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Constellation, and the new Apex all make frequent visits to the island.

Celebrity ships already frequent St Kitts, as the Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Millenium make regular stops at Port Zante. The cruise company has become one of the success stories of the relaunched operations, with eight ships now cruising in the Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise

The three ships that are now moored at St Kitts have varied itineraries. The Celebrity Equinox, a 121,878 gross ton, 2850-passenger ship, departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a series of Caribbean cruises that take her to places including Barbados, Cozumel, Aruba, St. Kitts, Antigua, and many more.

The homeport of the Celebrity Constellation is Tampa, Florida. The Millennium-class cruise ship, which has a gross tonnage of 90,940, conducts a series of voyages to the Dutch Caribbean and the Eastern Caribbean.

Finally, Celebrity Itineraries’ newest ship, the Celebrity Apex, runs a range of Mexico and Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale. On November 10, she made her first visit to St. Kitts as part of her inaugural Caribbean journey. The cruise ship, which has a gross tonnage of 129,500, can accommodate roughly 3000 guests.

Apex is the second of five ships in the EDGE class. The other ships are the sister ships Celebrity Edge, which debuted in 2018, and Celebrity Beyond, which will debut in 2022; Celebrity Ascent, which will debut in 2023; and the fourth Edge-class ship, which has yet to be named, which will debut in 2025.

Cruise Ship in St. Kitts

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The “cruises 2022” is a major milestone for the Caribbean Cruise Port as four ships visited in one day. The ships are all large cruise liners that will be visiting the port on their way to other destinations.

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