Photo: Flight Attendant Appears To Take Cash Bribe For Let First Class Passengers Go Maskless

A photo of a flight attendant taking a cash bribe for letting first class passengers go maskless has gone viral on Reddit. The image was taken by a passenger who posted it to the social media site, claiming that he caught the incident on his phone.

The banned from airline for life is a photo of a flight attendant taking a cash bribe for letting first class passengers go maskless.

Photo: A Flight Attendant Appears To Accept A Cash Bribe In Exchange For Allowing First-Class Passengers To Remove Their Masks

on September 13, 2021 by Gary Leff

A flight attendant on United Airlines flight 6060 from Charleston to Houston Intercontinental, a Mesa Airlines-operated Embraer ERJ-175, was caught taking money from a first-class customer. Another passenger on board tweeted that a cabin staff member “took cash bribes” from people up front to not follow the flight’s mask regulations.

Another picture from inside the cabin indicates that at least some of the passengers are not wearing masks, but the two closest to the photographer are conversing and having a drink.

Today (9/12/21) on @united flight #6063, flight attendant Elizabeth accepted cash bribes from first-class customers in return for not enforcing the federal mask requirement for the duration of the trip. She overserved and gave these rowdy patrons drinks to take home. United, what are your thoughts?

September 13, 2021 — Megan O (@meganrose95)

Zooming closer, it seems like a female passenger is giving a folded $20 note.


We can see money being given, to be clear. We have no independent confirmation as to why the money was given. And there’s no evidence of payment being received in any of the photos.

On many aircraft, mask enforcement is slack – nursing a drink isn’t a reason to go maskless (‘take the mask down for each sip’ rather than leaving it down). Indeed, cabin crew attitudes are very diverse. I recently traveled on a flight with two crewmembers who spent approximately 40 minutes in the galley without masks, holding (but not drinking from) open water bottles.

Tipping flight attendants is not allowed in general. Three years ago, Frontier Airlines’ policy of allowing tipping sparked a social media storm. Their workers were paid less and supplemented their income with gratuities. Customers who sign up for credit cards are usually paid a commission by flight attendants. In addition, it has been discovered that Ryanair charges cabin staff a fee for in-flight sales.

Customer service representatives at American Airlines airports are permitted to receive “promotional goods, free tickets, or perishable presents (candy, fruit, etc.)” valued no more than $100. Employees at American are encouraged to “share[..] with colleagues wherever possible.” Gifts costing more than $100, however, must be returned.

Employees are not permitted to receive any amount of “cash, gift cards, or gift certificates.” As a result, there will be no Starbucks gift cards.

Tipping is far more common during hotel check-in in Las Vegas, but the desk worker is getting paid to offer you an upgrade (giving away something from their company for free) rather than to break federal laws.

(Image courtesy of Paddle Your Own Kanoo)

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