Tradewinds Voyages Unlocks an Undiscovered Caribbean

Tradewinds Voyages is a new game that allows players to explore the Caribbean in an immersive way. Players can choose their own adventure by sailing on one of our ships or by choosing one of the many islands available.

Tradewinds Voyages is a company that specializes in Caribbean vacations. The company offers travelers an opportunity to explore the undiscovered Caribbean islands.

A brand-new method to see the Caribbean is set to launch. Tradewind Voyages will send its Golden Horizon sailing ship to the islands this winter, providing a small-ship cruise experience to smaller ports and islands that are inaccessible to bigger ships.

The active aspect of travel with Tradewind and aboard the Golden Horizon, the world’s biggest square-rigged sailing yacht, will appeal to adventurers seeking a genuinely unique way to see the globe this winter.


Passengers will discover well-appointed accommodations on board, all with a view of the ocean. A total of 140 guest rooms are available, including suites on the top deck and luxury balcony cabins on the main deck.

The main dining area offers traditional meals, while the spa, sauna, hammam, snow room, and Jacuzzi bath, as well as a fitness center with bikes, treadmills, weights, and daily courses, offer relaxation.

Visits to several of the lesser Caribbean islands, such as St Barts, Antigua, Grenada, Saint Vincent, and Saint Lucia, are included in the itinerary. During the winter season, five distinct itineraries are sailing to explore unknown Caribbean islands, secluded beaches, and natural marvels. The Caribbean Hidden Gems cruises to Dominica, Martinique, Bequia, and other Caribbean islands. Barbados, Antigua, and Saint Lucia are among the Caribbean islands visited by Icons of the Caribbean. Tradewind Voyages is also providing unique Christmas and New Year’s sailings, and its Caribbean season ends with Atlantic Treasures, a trans-Atlantic journey from the Caribbean to the mid-Atlantic islands, departing April 7, 2022, and arriving in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 22.

Aerial view of Golden Horizon Golden Horizon from the air. (Image courtesy of Tradewind Voyages)

Starting from the Marina, guests embarking on one-of-a-kind sailings on board the Golden Horizon may expect lively experiences throughout their trip. The waterspouts platform is a center for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, and snorkeling, as well as an entrance to the ocean.

A diving program is also available aboard. With qualified PADI instructors, guests may learn the fundamentals of scuba diving. Classes are available for individuals who wish to try their hand at diving in the onboard dive pool, take a PADI diving course, go on a guided dive, or renew their skills. At the Marina, passengers may go on guided snorkeling excursions, take sailing lessons, learn how to paddleboard, and more.

Marina platform onboard Golden Horizon On board the Golden Horizon, there is a marina platform. (Image courtesy of Tradewind Voyages)

One of the benefits of sailing with Tradewind Voyages is the company’s dedication to sustainability and the use of the ecologically friendly vessel Golden Horizon. The ship provides the pleasures of cruising while being powered by nature, sailing 70% of the time on wind power rather than propulsion engines, providing passengers with a genuine “sailing” experience.

Tradewind Voyages’ Caribbean season begins at Bridgetown, Barbados, which serves as the company’s homeport.

To learn more about this unique approach to enjoy the Caribbean, contact Tradewind’s sales support team (480-405-8808 or [email protected]).

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