American Queen Steamboat Co. Is Now American Queen Voyages

The American Queen Steamboat Company is now known as American Queen Voyages, a new company that will offer cruises to the Caribbean.

The american queen steamboat schedule is a company that offers steamboat cruises on the Mississippi River. It was formerly known as American Queen Steamboat Co.

Victory Cruise Lines and American Queen Steamboat Co. have been combined under the new umbrella brand of American Queen Voyages, which was acquired by American Queen Steamboat Co. in 2018. The new brand will also include the company’s adventure product, which will debut in Alaska and Central America in April 2022.

American Queen Voyages River, American Queen Voyages Lakes & Ocean (which includes the Victory fleet), and American Queen Voyages Expedition are all part of the Hornblower Group. Ocean Voyager and Ocean Navigator are the new names for the 202-passenger Victory ships, which were formerly known as Victory I and Victory II.


New logo for new brands The new logo for American Queen Voyages. (Photo courtesy of American Queen Voyages)

“This isn’t just a rebranding; it’s a fresh market positioning for who we are. In a phone interview, Shawn Bierdz, president of American Queen Voyages, said, “The main takeaway is that we’re on the move.” “We are investing in the future and have fantastic development plans in place.”

However, combining under the American Queen brand conveys that the company’s personnel, merchandise, menus, and entertainment remain the same.

The new logo will be used in consumer and trade advertising, social media, and the company’s new unified website, and will include the paddlewheel that is fundamental to American Queen’s river boats.

The paddlewheel is included in the new logo, as is the new slogan, “Discovery Runs Deep.”

Discover Runs Deep “Discovery Runs Deep” is the new slogan for American Queen Voyages. (Photo courtesy of American Queen Voyages)

Kari Tarnowski, American Queen’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, stated, “We wanted something that truly characterizes this encounter travel that we’re focused on.” “We want to ditch the map and go off the beaten path.”

Artwork featuring thumbnail images of major locations visited by American Queen Voyages, as well as nautical distance indicators of rivers, lakes, and other waterways, and lines that resemble a disassembled paddlewheel, are all part of the new identity.

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“The new American Queen Voyages logo keeps the paddlewheel iconography,” Tarnowski said. “The lines you see on the advertisements are a deconstructed paddlewheel guiding us forward.”

Ocean Victory, the first of two 186-passenger ships for American Queen Voyages Expedition, will debut in April 2022, followed by Ocean Discoverer in 2023.

The expedition-style Ocean Victory will sail 12- and 13-day excursions through Alaska’s Inside Passage’s less-traveled areas. Passengers will be able to see animals, witness maritime research conducted by California Polytech University students, and participate in conversations with First Nation leaders thanks to the expedition organizers’ use of kayaks and Zodiacs.

The American Queen, billed as the world’s biggest riverboat, departs from places such as Memphis, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Louisville, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Minneapolis on the American Queen Voyages River. The fleet also comprises the American Empress in the Pacific Northwest, the American Duchess on the Mississippi River, and the new American Countess on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee rivers, which launched in March 2021.

American Queen Voyages Lakes & Ocean is the new name for Victory Cruise Lines. Canada, the Great Lakes, New England and the Eastern Seaboard, as well as Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, are all explored by the two ships.

The American Queen Steamboat Co. Is Now American Queen Voyages is a company that offers cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Reference: american queen steamboat company coronavirus.

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How much does it cost to ride the American Queen?

The cost to ride the American Queen is $40.

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