Frontier Airlines Adds 16 New Orlando Routes To Winter Service

Frontier is ramping up travel to Florida, offering 15 new flights from Orlando International Airport and six additional routes from Miami International. The airline has been steadily growing in the Sunshine State with a total of 37 weekly departures offered between September 1st and April 30th.

Frontier Airlines has announced 16 new Orlando routes for their winter service. The new routes will be available starting in January 2021.

Frontier Airlines said this week that it would add 16 additional nonstop flights to its Orlando International Airport (MCO) operations through the end of 2021, with 13 of them starting in November and the other three in December.

The low-cost carrier’s route plan from Orlando now includes 81 nonstop destinations, including five international hotspots: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Bahamas.


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“With 13 new flights beginning this month and three more coming in December, we’re delighted to celebrate another tremendous expansion of service at Orlando International Airport,” said Daniel Shurz, Frontier Airlines’ senior vice president of commercial. “At MCO, we’re delighted to have the most nonstop flights of any airline, and we’re excited to welcome new passengers to discover our vast network of international and domestic destinations.”

“The commencement of Frontier’s winter air service expansion comes at a time when Americans are more willing than ever to fly again,” said Phil Brown, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s Chief Executive Officer. “We appreciate the chance to extend access to the country’s most frequented locations and expand travel choices for Central Florida residents with first flights to domestic and foreign destinations including Sioux Falls, Idaho; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Turks and Caicos.”

New Orlando International Airport (MCO) routes:

Service Provided To: Starts: Frequency: Introductory Menu:
Fort Myers is a city in Florida (RSW) Nov. 1 Daily $19*
Harlingen is a city in Texas (HRL) Nov. 1 2x Weekly $39*
Pensacola, Florida is a city in the state of Florida (PNS) Nov. 1 3x Weekly $19*
South Dakota’s Sioux Falls (FSD) Nov. 1 2x Weekly $49*
Bentonville is a city in Arkansas (XNA) Nov. 1 2x Weekly $39*
Montego Bay is a town in Jamaica (MBJ) Nov. 2 3x Weekly $79*
The Bahamas’ capital is Nassau (NAS) Nov. 2 4x Weekly $49*
El Paso is a city in Texas (ELP) Nov. 3 2x Weekly $59*
Cedar Rapids is a city in Iowa (CID) Nov. 4 2x Weekly $39*
Fargo, North Dakota is a city in North Dakota. Nov. 4 2x Weekly $59*
El Salvador’s capital is San Salvador (SAL) Nov. 4 2x Weekly $69*
Mexico’s Cozumel (CZM) Nov. 6 1x Weekly $69*
Costa Rica, Liberia (LIR) Nov. 11 2x Weekly $69*
Antigua and Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda) (ANU) Dec. 4 1x Weekly $79*
Belize City is the capital of Belize (BZE) Dec.11 1x Weekly $69*
Turks and Caicos Islands (PLS) Dec. 19 1x Weekly $79*

*There are certain restrictions. The promo airfare offer is applicable on tickets bought by November 11, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. ET, and it is subject to seven-day advance purchase limitations. These fares are valid for nonstop travel (round-trip purchase not required) on select days of the week through December 15, 2021; and for Orlando to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos; Orlando to Belize City, Belize; and Orlando to Antigua markets, which start service after December 4, 2021, through February 16, 2022. The period November 20–30, 2021, and December 18, 2021–January 4, 2022 are blacked out.

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Frontier Airlines is adding 16 new Orlando routes to their winter service. The added routes are in response to demand from both leisure and business travelers. Reference: the points guy frontier airlines.

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